What Pot/Planter Should I buy?

Updated: Sep 9

Deciding the best kind of planter for your plants, your space and budget can be confusing.

To help you decide a suitable pot for your needs, I have put together all the important factors you may consider before going shopping. We have also done a detailed video on the same, you will find it embedded in the end of this blog (if you dont like going through text).

1.a. Plastic Pots - The regular Kind

Regular Plastic pots come in a wide range of sizes

Pros: Cheap, Light weight, Durable, Multiple drainage holes for quick drainage Buy here

Cons: Plastic! Plastic! Plastic!

Grow: Veggies, Indoor plants and Flowers

1.b. Plastic Pots: Recycled Kind (Geofabric)

Buy now >> Starting Rs.349 (Set of three)

Pros: Very cheap, Light weight, Durable, Fabric mixed with recycled plastic helps in drainage

Cons: None, except that they are more suitable for outdoor spaces else use a drainage plate underneath for indoors.

Grow: Any kind of veggies

1.c. Plastic Pots: HDPE kind

Buy now >> Starting Rs.299 (Set of two)

Pros: Very cheap, Light weight, Durable, Holes for drainage

Cons: Plastic! Plastic! Plastic! Not suitable for indoors

Grow: Any kind of veggies

2. Terracota Pots

Pros: Very cheap, Help plant sustain better in ext