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How to grow Hibiscus cuttings in water

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Elongated trumpet shaped receptacles, spread out soft red or pink petals, pollen tube which stands out and the subtle fragrance makes Hibiscus one of the best ornamental flowers. It blooms all through the year and is pretty much low maintenance.

It also has great medicinal benefits, consumed as tea, having health benefits. In India it's also used in hair loss treatment.

Here you will get a simple step by step guide to propagating hibiscus and you would need a mother Hibiscus plant, a secateur or a sturdy scissor, and a container to place the cuttings. It is a simple and time saving process.

Steps to Propagate

  • Take a few semi hardwood cuttings from the mother plant.

  • Prepare the stem by removing all the leaves and trimming it to get 4-5 inch long stem.

  • Right below the node make a 45 degree angle cut, this is done to increase the surface area for water absorption .

  • At the bottom of the cutting, scratch the outer layer (bark) to expose the cambium which will help in growing new roots. Keep the scratch only to 1-2 inches and on one or two sides.

  • Prepare around 4-5 cuttings like mentioned above.

  • In a glass, fill 3/4th water and immerse the stems in them and keeping it in partial shade. In 4-7 days new roots should start coming out.

  • After 5 days change the water to avoid rotting of roots and their better growth.

  • About 9-10 days later it is time to shift the cutting into a pot. Use a well draining potting soil (50% garden soil+20% fine sand soil+30% organic compost )

  • Place the cutting about 2-2.5 inches deep in the potting mix and gently press the soil around the stem to give it support. Water the soil thoroughly.

  • Keep the pot in a semi-shaded area and keep the soil moist.

  • In two months the planted cutting should start blooming and give you some pretty hibiscus flowers.

You can watch the detailed video of hibiscus propagation here:

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul” - Luther Burbank (American Botanist)

- By Joice Mathew, Team Garden Up

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