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Garden Up was born out of an urge to convert a tiny hostel room into a private little sanctuary. Should have been easy, there was no dearth of content explaining the 'how to'. The only trouble was a researcher's mind, fixated with the 'why'. Garden Up is a chronicle of all the Eureka moments of a curious green ninja, enlivened by creativity.


Since May 2017, our tribe has grown and diversified rapidly. So has our content and the ways we deliver it. But behind everything that we do, our motivation remains a fierce commitment to spreading the message of green living, the heart and soul of Garden Up.



Indian Institute Of Science (IISc) Bangalore, India


Forest Research Institute (FRI) Dehradun, India


Miranda House, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India

Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Ecology

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Environmental Science

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Life Sciences

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