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Indoor Plants

Hey beginners, listen...

Congratulations! you have signed up for an inexpensive and therapeutic hobby that'll result in a healthier lifestyle. 

Don't worry if you have killed a plant or two in the past. We all have, I still do. 

Let's start over.

  • Try simple plants that you can actually harvest and eat. It will give you a sense of achievement, the biggest motivator to continue. Gardening is an acquired skill, and nothing that can be learned has to be boring or messy.  

  • If you have questions that remain unanswered on Garden Up, leave them for us to work on.

What you'll get on Garden Up

Tons of stuff, from ideas to products, but nothing that's not beautiful. There is something for everyone who wants to make a difference to the way they live. 

Specifically, you can look for

  • Gardening 'why' and 'how to'

  • Decor ideas 

  • Exclusive decor and gardening products

  • Advice on sustainable living

Most importantly, you'll find a way to connect with a community of like- minded people. If you are a pro at something that's worth sharing with the tribe, Garden Up is also your stage. 


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